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#browser extension concept
youtube in-video bookmarks (+transcription?)
browser extension? user-script? OS-level application? YoutubeAPI???
afaik, youtube can be controlled almost fully via the keyboard with the exception of the right-click context menu where this feature and it's other neighbors reside. i can get the context menu to appear with a keystroke but all my attempts to enter and navigate the context menu behave as though the context menu is not in focus. if i repeat the keystroke that emulates a right-click and activates the context menu i get first the youtube themed context menu and then an operating system/chrome themed context menu on top and i can use the keyboard.... but the items in this context menu aren't the same! the "copy video address" context menu item is there but no timestamp love, ugh.
... so before someone asks "what are you really trying to do?" i'll cut to the chase: i want to be able to quickly and with minimal invasion/intrusion bookmark a youtube video (with timestamp).
picture these use cases:
1. a student watching youtube lectures: they want to stream the lecture (maybe at 1.5x speed?) without stopping as if they were there in person, but they want to be able to quickly bookmark time stamps to go back and review sections for clarity, note-taking, etc. In a 2 or 3 hour lecture there might be tens of bookmarks that can be reviewed in a fraction of the time it would take to replay the video again (even at double time)
2. A researcher, journalist, blogger, (generalized use-case): Imagine being able to press ctrl+alt+D at any point in time while watching a youtube (or any html5 video for that mater) and being able to have the video url w/ timestamp added to your bookmarks. Imagine being able to revisit those bookmarks and there is already have a transcription of the section of the video determined by default offset presets which you can then manually tweak. Also, a text field to name the bookmark and the ability to organize via directory/folder. This has me wondering if this should be a browser based feature extending the construct of bookmark to include 'smart' content detection and extended capabilities. This concept for extending bookmarking abilities for video links that have time-stamp meta data is one way to extend the bookmarking construct. Another might be social media detection that offers to also bookmark and/or cache locally ... and not just that one link! It could get all, some or none of the related social content based on time variation, relational status and degree of separation aka: 6degOfKevBacon(), plus other social, social marketing, coolness.
(wishlist feature or separate project: be able to have speech-to-text transcript auto generated. there could be a default offset from the time-stamp each direction with the option to set the offsets manually when calling the transcript feature into action.)

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