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litigatormom @ dkos writes today

The silver lining of being home sick with a stuffy nose and slight fever on a snowy day was getting to watch the Waxman hearings on the CIA leak LIVE on C-Span. FDL had some great live-blogging to which I refer those interested. Plame's opening statement, front-paged by BarbinMD, was terrific, and her subsequent testimony was sure-footed and credible.

There were many fascinating moments today, including the evisceration of one Henry Knodell, who is supposed to be in charge of enforcing security requirements with respect to classified information at the White House, and who admitted that there was never any internal White House investigation whatsoever into the leak of Plame's identity.

CSPAN will has the hearing available in the recent section, you may have to search for 'plame wilson waxman' or something.

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