Originally posted on: 2005-12-03

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Like Shelob the giant spider that trapped Mr. Frodo in "The Lord of the Rings," the university's network security system of the same name traps tainted PCs and keeps them from doing harm.

This is what people on slashdot have been asking for for a few years... looks like three techies at UI were listening!

When a new computer tries to access the university's network, it automatically gets scanned for viruses, worms and other vulnerabilities.
Infected computers are banned from the campuswide network and pushed onto an isolated network. Users will get a screen telling them what's wrong and then get access to tools to correct the problem, such as antivirus software.
"Once the machine is isolated, it's not going to spread viruses anymore," Corbin said. "It's on the user to fix the problem."

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