Originally posted on: 2009-06-16

Original location: http://blog.chrisheath.us/?p=899

So Heathbar's Crunch has been, and is going to be, a bit stagnant for a while. Until recently the site has primarily been a link blog, i.e., a collection of my favorite digg stories that I've found over the past years. On May 26th 2009 digg removed the 'blog this' functionality. I could hack up something to replace this functionality, but instead I decided to pause and reflect.

I have been using FriendFeed fairly heavily over the last couple months and have decided to post items from there, if at all. I may also post some more from my iPhone via posterous to my posterous page, especially if I can post more than one picture via an email with the soon-to-be-released iPhone OS 3.0 firmware.

On the homepage of chrisheath.us my friendfeed stream is featured prominently in the main column on the right. Also check out my comments page, my likes page, and my main page on friendfeed.

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