Originally posted on: 2008-12-29

Original location: http://blog.chrisheath.us/2008/12/29/822/my-new-favorite-tech-personality-robert-scoble/

Great post about celebrity vs authority or why it's better to care about who you follow online than who follows you.

Now, to be fair, the post that started this mess, from Loic Le Meur, had a good goal: to make it possible to find better tweets in searches. In other words, to separate the news from the noise. Except Loic used the word “authority” and hooked it to popularity: the number of followers one has.

My goal, though, is to have smarter conversations every day. Does anyone else care about that goal?

I do.

Also don't miss Scoble interviewing Tim O'Reilly. There are two parts. First a flip-cam quick interview where Tim answers some questions from FriendFeed users (24 minutes unedited). Second, the 'real' interview that is being hailed as the 'interview of the year'.

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