Originally posted on: 2008-01-13

Original location: http://blog.chrisheath.us/my-firefox-extension-add-on-primer/

Before we begin, if you don't have Firefox (version 3 is the current one at this time) please get it.

Note: the coral cache, bugmenot, and imageshack extensions will need to be given permission to be allowed to install. The mozilla site is the only site authorized by default. Let me know if you can't get that worked out.

Start here with these, I highly recommend them.

  • MR Tech Toolkit (formerly Local Install)

  • Adblock Plus

  • All-in-One Sidebar

  • CoralCache: by NYU Coral Content Distribution Network

  • Context Search
    (this one will take some explaining, but it's simple once you see it in action - it is the extension that I use the most, and get the most from as well)

  • Add to Search Bar

  • Download Statusbar

  • CustomizeGoogle

  • Flashblock

  • Forecastfox Enhanced

  • Image Zoom

  • PDF Download

  • Searchbar Autosizer

  • Tab Mix Plus

  • BugMeNot

  • ChatZilla

  • FireFTP

  • Firebug

  • NoScript

  • Greasemonkey

  • Video DownloadHelper

  • gAttach!

  • is.gd Creator

  • That's it for now... questions? ... comments?

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