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This giant detailed graph shows exactly where all your hard earned tax dollars are spent. Did you know the army spent 638 million dollars on bullets for 2007, and 10.2 BILLION on missile defense but only 11 million for the Office of Government Ethics? LOL pretty awesome. This is all income tax, it does not show the non-discretionary spending like Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment, etc because it is the portion of the budget that must be re-approved every year and of which Congress has more control to move figures around. Plus, it is where all the action is. All the cabinet level departments and agencies that people commonly think of as "the government" are in the discretionary budget. While the numbers for Social Security, Medicare and the like are large, their break down is far less interesting. Third, in order to fit the amount of detail into the 6 square feet needed for the graph, only the discretionary budget would fit. Adding a large circle for Social Security would have made the whole graph unbalanced.
Future versions of the graph will include this 'whole budget' graph inline.

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