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I work at a Cadillac/Hummer/Saab/Saturn Dealership and this article is worth the read. Very informative read even though I already knew most of the details. Apparently the Directors of the GM brands will be meeting early next week to review this new plan. Sometimes not knowing how things will end up is a good thing.
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Also, here's a link to the printable version for those who want to just read the article
Also, something interesting to me is that Buick is HUGE in China. That might help to sell it, but also would be a good reason to keep the brand.
If I had to guess I'd say that Pontiac will probably get the axe, and who knows, Saab may get sold. Saturn has a dwindling base and may get the axe too. GM tried to save it by rolling it up into the rest of GM and I think that may actually have helped kill it (if that does happen).

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