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UPDATE 2008: So I had my blog criticized today, and decided to make this page my Contact area.

Post a comment here or find me on one of my many online locations. My email address is also on chrisheath.us as well as other places around the net... such as:

My Facebook Contact Badge

Original post: So I set up a myspace account the other day because a bunch of people at work have set them up. One cool think I've found out is that you can register your schools and organizations, and find out who else on myspace has registered. I've already checked out myspace people from my high school. I'm going to check out the other schools next.
(and yes, I know that the 'evil' News Corp owns myspace)

I also have a facebook account which is linked via a badge on my myspace profile. Facebook is centered around the type of networking that I found hidden deep in myspace (as mentioned above).

And for good measure I'll link to my digg profile.

Other online profiles and sites of mine can be found in the My Sites section of the navigation bar to the left on this site.

There, that should do it.
UPDATE 2009:I've been using FriendFeed mainly, since it aggregates all my online 'stuff'. FriendFeed has real-time live updating and commenting along with distributed moderation and powerful search. If you try it and don't get it or can't figure it out let me know and I'll help you out.

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