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Below you will find a rough, edited transcript of part of David Icke's infamous 1999 Vancouver event. I have edited it and maybe mashed it up a bit. I'll try to remember to note any sections that I create solely on my own. This section of the six hour talk is about how society's norms corral humans like sheep to control them. If you don't want to accept the premise that a few people rule the world, toss those parts out. I do think that he is onto something with this analogy, and I'll be available in the comments to try have some dialog on this subject.

This is information. Not only do I not care what people make of what I say, it's none of my business.
None of us have got all the answers, but we've all got some of them.

You can not control billions of people physically. You have to manipulate the way people think and feel so we perceive the world (and therefore behave) in ways that fit the agenda. [Problem, Reaction, Solution. Order out of Chaos.]

Sheeple or People?
If we are honest as a human race (as a human family) if we look at ourselves, we find that we are controlled by "baaa baaa" and fear. Most people following the one in front. [think freepers and dittoheads] And those that have decided we want to do something else with our lives, the fear of what other people think of us being different keeps those in line also.

Outsheeped the Sheep. (We don't need no stinking sheepdog!)
We police each other. What happens is the symbolic wolf sets the norms in society. What is considered right, wrong, moral, immoral, sane, insane, possible, and impossible. That sets the mental and emotional sheep-pen. A majority of humans will spend their entire life there. Then there is the group of people that can see the mental/emotional sheep-pen is actually limiting, and at its extreme calculatingly manipulating. But most of them still don't challenge any norms because they are terrified what others will do if they escape from the pen. [I'll admit to being in that group] The sheep are policing the sheep.

You get to the edge of this hastle free zone. You know that if you go any further in your lifestyle and your view you're going to get hastled, ridiculed and condemned because you're different. Any society in which it is a crime to be different is a fascistic society; whoever controls the norms rules the world. It is the fear of 'what will mom say', 'what will the peole at work say' or' what will the guys at the bar say' if I express my uniqueness and get out of the pen?

The line that is crossed that makes the few able to control the many is not when people give their live to the norms, but when we insist that everyone must do the same. That's the line.

Take human conciousness. Multi-dimensional infinity. There is no we there is just one gigantic I. If you can open that consciousness to infinity, you are not seeing what you used to see and hear. The idea is to use fear to keep us in a mental eggshell (if you will) where we shut out all that consciousness that is screaming at us to get in so we can express our uniqueness. The eggshell of fear: an expression of the hastle free zone within our very being.

Once you have created that herd you then break the herd up into warring factions. Now because within those norms there are no opposites, the opposites have to be created. It was done with religions 2000 years ago, and it was done with politics last century. During the Second World War on the far far left we had Stalin. He was all about centralized control, military dictatorship, and concentration camps. He was played off the far far right, Hitler. What was Hitler all about? Centralized control, military dictatorship and concentration camps! Left/Right is a false paradigm.

The broken herd leads to a divide and rule situation where it is very easy for the few to control the many. That is why anytime someone escapes the pen they are jumped upon massively. [Think about how frothy wingers get when their world view is challenged.]

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